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Prof. Chen, Quark Yung-Sung 陳永松教授


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Prof. Hung-Duen Yang 楊弘敦教授


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Prof. Lo, I-Kai 羅奕凱教授

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Prof. Tu, Li-Wei 杜立偉教授


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Prof. Chou, Hsiung 周雄教授

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Prof. Tsay, Shiow-Fon 蔡秀芬教授

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Prof. Chang, Ting-Chang 張鼎張教授

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Prof. Kuo, Chie-Tong 郭啟東教授

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Prof. Tsai, Min-Hsiung 蔡民雄兼任教授

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Prof. Kuo, Wang-Chuang 郭萬詮副教授


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Prof. Lin De-Hone 林德鴻教授

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Prof. Feng-Chuan Chuang 莊豐權副教授

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Prof. Kuo, Chien-Cheng 郭建成副教授

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Prof. Ya-Ping Chiu 邱雅萍副教授


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Prof. Chi-Huang Lin林啟湟副教授


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Prof. Chun-Yu Hsu 許峻瑜助理教授

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Prof. Wei-Feng Tsai 蔡維楓助理教授


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Prof. Shiu-Ming Huang 黃旭明助理教授

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