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    (一) 審核逕升博士班申請人之資料,並向系務會議提出建議名單。

    (二) 審核入學博士班考生之書面審核資料。

    (三) 審核博士生資格考試筆試成績通過標準。

    (四) 審核博士候選人是否已達物理學系博士班修業規定之標準。

    (五) 審核博士候選人論文資格考試委員名單。

    (六) 審核博士畢業優秀論文並推薦名單。




Department of Physics Regulations for Doctoral Student Qualification Examination Committee Establishment
Approved by the 2nd Department General Meeting on October 3, 2008, School Year 97.
I. The committee is comprised of five members. The chairman of the department shall be the convener of the committee. The remaining four members shall be selected through anonymous vote at the beginning of each semester by all faculty members of the department. The term of each member is one year; continuation is available via re-election.
II. Duties of members in the committee are as follows:
A. Examining the data of an applicant who applies for entering doctoral program directly, and submitting a recommended list to the department general meeting.
B. Examining written examination data of doctoral program examinees.
C. Examining approval criteria for written examination of doctoral student qualification examination.
D. Examining whether or not a doctoral candidate meets the criteria of the regulations for studying Department of Physics’ doctoral program.
E. Examining the list of doctoral candidate thesis qualification examination committee members.
F. Examining excellent doctoral graduation theses and recommending a list.
III. The present regulations shall be implemented following approvals of department general meetings. The same procedure shall be carried out when amendments are to be made.