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101.03.07  100學年度第六次系務會議通過


101.12.26  101學年度第3次系務會議通過


第 一 條  為鼓勵本系學士班優秀學生繼續留在本系就讀碩士班,並期達到連續學習之效果及縮短修業年限,特訂定本辦法。

第 二 條  大學部學生入學後,修業滿五學期,得於三年級下學期,依本校行事曆規定時間內,向本系提出申請,經系所相關委員會公開甄選之。

第 三 條  本辦法錄取之學生兼具學士學位候選人及碩士班預備研究生(以下簡稱預研生)資格。

第 四 條  取得預研生資格後,必須於規定修業年限內(不含延長修業) 取得學士學位,並於畢業當學年度參加預修之碩士班甄試或考試,經錄取後,始正式取得本系碩士班研究生資格。

第 五 條  學士班期間所選修之研究所課程,可申請抵免碩士班研究生應修學分數。研究所課程若已計入學士班畢業學分數內,不得再申請抵免碩士班學分數。

第 六 條  錄取本系碩士班預研生所佔名額,包含於本系當學年度碩士班之招收名額中。

第 七 條  本辦法經系務會議,教務會議通過,經校長核定後實施,修正時亦同。





Department of Physics Regulations of Five-Year BS-MS Program
Approved by the 14th Department General Meeting on June 2, 1999, School Year 87
Approved by the 4th Department General Meeting on December 23, 2009, School Year 97.
Approved by the 126th Academic Affairs Meeting on December 13, 2010.
Approved by the 6th Department General Meeting on March 7, 2012, School Year 100.
Amended and approved by the 131st Academic Affairs Meeting on March 19, 2012.
Approved by the 3rd Department General Meeting on December 26, 2012, School Year 101.
Amended and approved by the 138th Academic Affairs Meeting on December 17, 2013.
I. This set of regulations is specifically issued in order to encourage excellent undergraduate students of the department to continue master's degree course in the department, and to achieve effect of continuous learning and shorten study period.
II. An undergraduate student of the university, who has studied five complete semesters, may submit application to the department within the time specified in the calendar of the university in the second semester of the third year for department/institute’s relevant committees to organize a public selection.
III. The students enrolled according to this set of regulations are qualified as both BS degree (Bachelor's degree) candidate and pre-graduate student of master’s program (hereinafter referred to as pre-graduate student).
IV. The graduate student qualification for the master’s program of the department is certified formally only when a pre-graduate student’s BS degree is earned within specified study period (not including extended study) and the student enrolls through recommendation or examination in the master’s program in the year of BS graduation.
V. The graduate courses that are taken as elective courses during bachelor program may be used to apply for minimum credits waiver and transfer in the master’s program. The graduate courses that have been included in graduation credits of bachelor program shall not be used to apply for credits waiver and transfer for the master’s program.
VI. The places of enrolled pre-graduate students of master’s program of the department are included in the overall places to be recruited in the master’s program of the department in the same school year.
VII. The present regulations shall be implemented following approvals of department general meetings and academic affairs meetings, as well as the authorization of the president. The same procedure shall be carried out when amendments are to be made.