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Department of Physics Regulations for Faculty Members as Research Thesis Supervisors of Master’s Graduate Students
Amended and approved by the 11st Department General Meeting on May 24, 2011, School Year 99.
I. This set of regulations is specifically issued in order to improve research performance by enhancing full advantage of the faculty and equipment of the department as well as learning interests of graduate students.
II. As a master’s program graduate student first report to the registration officers, "Master Student Research Supervisor Registration Form" shall be given to the student, which has to be returned to the department office for documentation before the end of September. If a student expects to not return the form in time due to a specific reason, the student shall report to and make a registration at the department office in advance.
III. For changing the research supervisor, a graduate student shall complete the procedure at least one year before thesis oral examination. Each full-time faculty member may supervise at most three first-year graduate students in the master’s program.
IV. A research supervisor who accepts additional master’s students shall donate NT$ 80,000 of the annual program funds each additional student.
V. A research supervisor who plans to accept additional students shall submit an application by the end of September each year. Once the application is submitted and approved, the donated amount shall not be taken back if the subordinated student decides to change research supervisor during the program.
VI. The number of graduate students supervised by a joint-appointed supervisor is also limited to three.
VII. The present regulations shall be implemented following approvals of department general meetings. The same procedure shall be carried out when amendments are to be made.