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The Features of the Development

The goal  of  the physical department  is  to train basic science manpower, and actively cultivate national excellent students with expertise and ethics to  fit  the present trend  of development  of   industrial  diversification  and  national  research  development.  In  addition  to strengthen the traditional courses of science theory,  the  curriculum  is  also focusing on practical dimension   of science researches to develop students’ abilities involving expertise and humanity.

The goal for undergraduates is to develop the general science literacy for future research and creation.  As  for  postgraduate  students,  the  goal  is  to  develop their abilities to participate academic and industrial areas.  In such  a high-tech society,  the department  of  physics is the subject can be applied  to various fields.  Except for continuing studies in physics, manpowerin  the  relevant  physical  fields  is also  needed  by semiconductor industry,  optical industryand etc. 

The Department  has  excellent and experienced  full-time teaching staff and devoted itself to the  development  of nanotechnology electro-optical semiconductor,  and related research in the direction of theoretical physics.