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Research Focus

Various aspects of condensed matter physics: magnetism and superconductivity, low-temperature physics, semiconductor physics, optoelectronics, nanotechnology and computational physics, with most faculty covering more than two areas.       

Theoretical Physic

Focusedon computation of the band structures of metals, semiconductors, insulators, superlattices, surface structures, critical phenomena of liquid metals, magnetic materials, superconductors, nonlinear dynamics and chaos.  Equipment: High performance workstations and PC clusters.                                                                                                


Focused on physical properties and applications of semiconducting quantum  structure, including: IR sensors, semiconductor lasers, diodes, superlattice quantum wells and porous silicon thin films.  Equipments: MBE, ALD, Transport Measurement System, Scanning Electron Microscope, RIE and Thin Film Growth Systems.                                              


Focused on quantum effects at nanoscales, surface and interfaces, the manipulation of nano-particles by low temperature high resolution scanning tunneling probes.


Focused on study of electrical, magnetic, magneto-electrical, and optical properties of materials and their correlations with phonon interactions, crystal structures, phase transition; development of optoelectronic, nonlinear optical elements, and new transparent conducting thin films.     

Magnetic Materials                                               
Focused on superconductivity, magnetism and dielectrics of multiferroics, thin films diluted magnetic oxides, low field magnetoresistivity.  Equipments: Thin film growth systems using sputtering, pulsed laser deposition, MBE, ALD, SQUID, PPMS, SPM, Specific heat and Hall measurement systems.