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Assist. Prof. Cheng-Yu Kuo

Cheng-Yu Kuo

Office number : 07- 5252000-3741

Office: PH5005

Availability date:2015/02


●  PhD Astronomy, University of Virginia, 2011 

●  M.A. Astronomy, University of Virginia, 2007

●  B.S. Physics, National Taiwan University, 2000


●  Postdoc, ASIAA, 2011 - present

●  Research assistant, National Radio Astronomy Observatory (NRAO), 2008 – 2011

● Teaching assistant, University of Virginia, 2005-2008

● Research assistant, Institute of Astronomy and Astrophysics, Academia Sinica, Taiwan, 2002 - 2005


● Radio astronomy

● Very Long Baseline Interferometry


● Applied Mathematics

    Research Interests

● Precise measurement of black hole masses

● Observations and study of accretion disks around supermassive black holes

● Probe the nature of dark energy by observing the large scale structure with neutral hydrogen

● Precise determination of Hubble constant


    Refereed Papers
● Inoue, M.; Algaba-Marcos, J. C.; Asada, K.; Chang, C.-C.; Chen, M.-T.; Han, J.; Hirashita, H.; Ho, P. T. P.; Hsieh, S.-N.; Huang, T.; Jiang, H.; Koch, P. M., Kubo, D. Y., Kuo, C. Y., and 25 coauthors 2014, Radio Science “ Greenland Telescope Project --- Direct Confirmation of Black Hole with Sub-millimeter VLBI”. arXiv: 1407.2450
● Reid, M. J.; Braatz, J. A.; Condon, J. J.; Lo, K. Y.; Kuo, C. Y.; Impellizzeri, C. M. V.; Henkel, C. 2013, ApJ, 767, 154 “The Megamaser Cosmology Project. IV. A Direct Measurement of the Hubble Constant from UGC 3789”
● Sun, A.-L.; Greene, J. E.; Impellizzeri, C. M. V.; Kuo, C. Y.; Braatz, J. A.; Tuttle, S. 2013, ApJ, 778, 47 “Refining the M BH-V c Scaling Relation with H I Rotation Curves of Water Megamaser Galaxies”
● Greene, J. E.; Seth, A.; den Brok, M.; Braatz, J. A.; Henkel, C.; Sun, A.-L.; Peng, C. Y.; Kuo, C. Y.; Impellizzeri, C. M. V.; Lo, K. Y. 2013, ApJ, 771, 121 “Using Megamaser Disks to Probe Black Hole Accretion”
● Greene, J. E.; Peng, C. Y.; Kim, M.; Kuo, C. Y.; Braatz, J. A.; Impellizzeri, C. M. V.; Condon, J. J.; Lo, K. Y.; Henkel, C.; Reid, Mark J. 2010, ApJ, 721, 26 “Precise Black Hole Masses from Megamaser Disks: Black Hole-Bulge Relations at Low Mass”
●  Tang, Ya-Wen; Kuo, Cheng-Yu; Lim, Jeremy; Ho, Paul T. P., 2008, ApJ, 679, 1094, “Prevalence of Tidal Interactions among Local Seyfert Galaxies: The Control Experiment”
● Matsushita, S.; Sakamoto, K.; Kuo, C.-Y.; Hsieh, P.-Y.; Dinh, V.-T.; Mao, R.-Q.; Iono, D.; Peck, A. and 4 coauthors, 2004, ApJ, 616, 55, “Submillimeter Array 12CO (J=3-2) Interferometric Observations of the Central Region of M51”
● Kuo, C. Y., Braatz, J. A., Lo, K. Y., Reid, M. J., Suyu, S., Pesce, D., Condon, J. J. Henkel, C., Impellizzeri, C. M. V. To be submitted to ApJ in October “The Megamaser Cosmology Project. VI. Hubble Constant Determination from NGC 6323”
● Kuo, C. Y.; Asada, K.; Rao, R.; Nakamura, M.; Algaba, J. C.; Liu, H. B.; Inoue, M.; Koch, P. M.; Ho, P. T. P.; Matsushita, S.; and 4 coauthors 2014, ApJ, 783, 33 “Measuring Mass Accretion Rate onto the Supermassive Black Hole in M87 Using Faraday Rotation Measure with the Submillimeter Array”
● Kuo, C. Y.; Braatz, J. A.; Reid, M. J.; Lo, K. Y.; Condon, J. J.; Impellizzeri, C. M. V.; Henkel, C. 2013, ApJ, 767, 155 “The Megamaser Cosmology Project. V. An Angular-diameter Distance to NGC 6264 at 140 Mpc”
● Kuo, C. Y.; Braatz, J. A.; Condon, J. J.; Impellizzeri, C. M. V.; Lo, K. Y.; Zaw, I.; Schenker, M.; Henkel, C.; Reid, M. J.; Greene, J. E. 2011, ApJ, 727, 20 “The Megamaser Cosmology Project. III. Accurate Masses of Seven Supermassive Black Holes in Active Galaxies with Circumnuclear Megamaser Disks”
● Kuo, Cheng-Yu; Lim, Jeremy; Tang, Ya-Wen; Ho, Paul T. P. , 2008, ApJ, 679, 1047, “Prevalence of Tidal Interactions among Local Seyfert Galaxies”
    Conference Papers



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