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楊弘敦 教授兼校長

Hung-Duen Yang

辦公室電話: 07-5252000-3732

實驗室電話: 07-5252000-3732




● 美國愛荷華州立大學物理博士(1987)

● 國立台灣師範大學物理學士 (1978)


● 國立中山大學校長(2008-迄今)

● 行政院國科會副主任委員(2006-2008)

● 中研院物理所合聘研究員(2004-迄今)

● 行政院國科會自然處處長(2001-2004)

● 國立中山大學理學院院長(1995-1998)

● 國立中山大學物理系主任(1992-1994)

● 國立中山大學物理系教授(1991-迄今)

● 國立中山大學物理系副教授(1987-1991)


● 超導體物理、材料科學、磁物理、奈米科技




● 超導與磁性

● 多鐵性材料

● 壓力效應

● 鐵基超導體

● 奈米複合材料


● 2014 自旋不穩態系統的材料及物理特性研究

● 2013 自旋不穩態系統的多鐵性及奈米粒子嵌入二氧化矽的高介電係數性質研究(3/3)

● 2012 自旋不穩態系統的多鐵性及奈米粒子嵌入二氧化矽的高介電係數性質研究(2/3)

● 2011 自旋不穩態系統的多鐵性及奈米粒子嵌入二氧化矽的高介電係數性質研究(1/3)

● 2010 自旋不穩態系統的超導與磁性研究 (3/3)


● J. Sugiyama, H. Nozaki, I. Umegaki, W. Higemoto, E. J. Ansaldo, J. H. Brewer, H. Sakurai, T. H. Kao, H. D. Yang, and M. Mansson (2014, Jan). Hidden magnetic order in Sr2VO4 clarified with µ+SR. Physic Review B . (Accepted).

●  A. K. Ghosh, G. D. Dwivedi, B. Chatterjee, B. Rana, A. barman, S. Chatterjee, H. D. Yang (2013, Oct). Role of codoping on multiferroic properties at room temperature in BiFeO3 ceramic. Solid State Communications, 166, 22. (SCI).

●  C. W. Lou, C. C. Lee, H. J. Chen, S. K. Ku, W. Y. Tzeng, M. C. Chiang, H. J.

●  C. W. Wang, C. H. Lee, C. M. Wu, W. H. Li, C. C. Chou, H. D. Yang, J. W. Lynn, Q. Huang, and H. Berger (2013, Nov). Complex magnstic coupling in Co3TeO6. Physic Review B, 88, 184427 . (SCI). NSC 100-2112-M-110-004-MY3.

●  C. Y. Chen, M. W. Chu, S. Mukherjee, and H. D. Yang* (2013, Oct). Pressure effect and electron diffraction on the anomalous transition in ternary superconductor Bi2Rh3Se2. Solid State Communications, 177, 42 . (SCI). NSC


●  J. Y. Lin and H. D. Yang, “MgCNi3: A Conventional and Yet Puzzling Superconductor”, “Superconductivity Research at the Leading Edge”, Page 111-130, Edited by P. S. Lewis, 2004, Nova Science Publisher Inc.

●  B. K. Chaudhuri, H. Sakata, S. Mollah, and H. D. Yang, “Ferroelectric nanocrystal dispersed oxide glasses”, in “Encyclopedia of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology 2004” edited by H. S. Nalwa, Volume 3: Page 335-357.

● S. Mollah, H. D. Yang, and B. K. Chaudhuri, MgB2 superconductor: a review, Indian J. Phys. 77A (1), 9 (2003).

● H. D. Yang and J. –Y Lin, Low temperature specific heat studies on the pairing states of high-Tc superconductors: a brief review, J. Phys. Chem. Solids 62, 1681 (2001).


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